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Browser extension

A browser extension is an add-on that adds extra functionality to your browser. Pinalist extension has been developed to make adding bookmarks to your library a seamless experience. You can quickly add bookmarks while browsing the Internet or import all your existing browser bookmarks to your Pinalist library.

Pinalist extension is currently supported by the following browsers: ChromeEdgeFirefox and Opera.

Installing browser extension

The Pinalist extension can be installed using the following links:

Chrome extension

To install the Pinalist extension from Chrome Web Store, click here. Click the Add to Chrome button. (Chrome might prompt you to sign in to your account if you're not logged in) 


In the confirmation dialog, click the Add Extension button. The button changes to Checking and then Added to Chrome when the installation completes.

After the extension is installed, the Pinalist icon should appear in the top right corner of your browser's toolbar.


Registration & Login

Click the Pinalist extension logo in the browser toolbar and the popup window will be opened prompting the user to log in.

Log In

If you have already signed up, enter your email address and password to log in.



If you do not have Pinalist Account, you can quickly sign up for an account by clicking Sign up. You will receive a registration confirmation email.


By clicking Agree & Sign Up, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use including the arbitration clause and you are acknowledging the Privacy Policy.

Importing bookmarks

Pinalist allows you to import your existing bookmarks stored in your browser into your Pinalist library. There are two ways how to import bookmarks to Pinalist. Either import bookmarks directly from the Extension or import bookmark with predefined structures in Pinalist web application.

Import bookmarks from the Extension

To import the bookmarks, click on the Pinalist extension in your browser's toolbar, then click on the Profile icon to show the menu and select Import bookmarks. The import process may take several minutes, depending on the number of the bookmarks to be imported.


Once the bookmarks have been imported, a summary dialog will appear displaying the results. (Note that the bookmarks that have already been imported will not be imported again).


Import/Export bookmarks in Pinalist

Another way to import bookmarks is to use the Import Bookmarks  page in Pinalist. The JSON import feature allows you to import bookmarks from external sources. To prepare the JSON file, you should use the standard JSON format, and follow the sequence shown in the screenshot below.


Adding bookmarks

There are several options for adding bookmarks to your Pinalist library. The easiest one is to use the browser extension for bookmarking your favorite pages. Navigate to the page, click the Pinalist extension icon in your browser's toolbar and click the Add  button.

The bookmark dialog that appears allows you to customize details about your bookmark before it is saved to your Pinalist library.



Tag your bookmarks based on their topics. Type a tag name in the tag field and existing tags will automatically pop up. Select one or more suggested tags or continue typing for your own choices. Tags are not case-sensitive.



To help you search for and find bookmarks, you can organize bookmarks in categories. You can easily create categories of your choice using Dashboard in Pinalist.

It’s very important to be aware that categories are not the same as tags. Categories are used for a group of bookmarks on Dashboard while tags are used for describing particular details of a specific bookmarks.


Before assigning a bookmark to an category, the category should have been defined in Dashboard.

Text highlights

Pinalist allows you to save text fragments along with your bookmarks. To do so, select the text and right-click to choose  Add selected text to Pinalist.


In the popup window you can change the bookmark title. You can also add the note that’ll assist you to remember the purpose for bookmarking. Choose one tag or a combination from drop down menu. You can also choose a category directly when adding a bookmark.

Click Add to save your bookmark and exit from the dialog. You can click outside the dialog to cancel adding and exit from dialog.